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Immigrating to Hawaii

Personal freedoms are the foundation of the American ideal. The founding fathers carefully crafted the US Constitution to assure all citizens would be able to retain those freedoms for years to come. Throughout US history, wars have been fought and lives lost in effort to retain these personal liberties. The freedoms assured to American citizens attract hundreds of thousands of immigrants every year who also strive for personal freedoms. In addition topersonal freedom, American citizens enjoy higher incomes than most other nations. Most people who wish for citizenship do so to improve their economic situations and experience enhanced personal freedoms.

Immigration to the US has grown exponentially over the past few decades. Because of this growth, the US government grants citizenship to more and more people every year. The cap on legalizing immigrants is raised every year. The most commonly stated reason for opposing more immigration is job availability. Studies reveal, however, that legalizing immigrants increases the number of jobs and adds new skills to the working environment as well as millions of dollars of revenue annually. Not only does naturalization increase the immigrants wealth it increases the nation’s wealth. Newly naturalized citizens will pay taxes and will be eligible to own property.

For an immigrant to be considered for citizenship they must first enter the US with a visa that states their intentions of immigrating. After long term residency is established, an immigrant can apply for citizenship through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services agency. Once reviewed and approved, the applicant will be given an appointment for a personal interview with a representative of the USCIS. The purpose of the interview is to evaluate an applicant’s English speaking and comprehension skills. Good English speaking skills is a necessity for naturalization. The interviewer will also ask the applicant questions regarding background and personal history. A health screening is also required before the immigrant is granted citizenship. Certain diseases and chronic medical conditions prohibit approval of naturalization. Upon completion of all screening and approval, the immigrant be sworn in as a US citizen and must take the oath of allegiance to their new country. Once naturalized enjoy the full benefits of citizenship. The benefits of citizenship include the right vote in elections; obtain financial aid for school, and eligibility for many other social programs, along with increased personal liberties.

The long arduous process of becoming a citizen can seem an insurmountable task for the immigrant especially if language is a barrier. The language of the law can be difficult to understand for people who are native English speakers. The complexities of the legal system make the aid of a Hawaii immigration lawyer a necessity. An immigrant can be discouraged with the process without assistance. A Hawaii immigration lawyer receives a great deal of training to make your journey to citizenship a fruitful one. Don’t allow gamble with your chances in court enlist the help of a Hawaii immigration lawyer to increase your odds of naturalization.