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Immigrating to Florida

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness are the inalienable rights given to all American citizens by the US constitution. For numerous people around the globe they aren’t given these rights by their governments. Their voices are silenced by oppressive regimes or poverty and hunger. The immense resources present on the American continent truly make it ‘the land of opportunity’. Immigrants cite improved economic conditions as the primary reason for coming to the US. Along with economic motivations, reunification with family and more personal freedoms are the other reasons given for immigration the United States. Some immigrants come here seeking asylum.

Generation after generation of foreign born individuals come to the US in pursuit of a better life. Economic immigrants generally remain in the US illegally. The majority legal and illegal immigrants come from Mexico followed by China, India and the Philippines. The average yearly income of the countries that contribute the most immigrants average three times less, under 10,000 dollars, than the average American yearly income, around 37,000 dollars, who ranks in the top five worldwide. This disparity in income explains why so many immigrants chose to leave their native countries.

The state of Florida, at one point in history, received a large influx of immigrants from Cuba. A refugee is a person who leaves their native country for fear of persecution or in the interest of their personal safety. The United States grants asylum to more refugees than any nation worldwide. Refugees seeking asylum comprise one-tenth of the annual number or immigrants in the US. Obtaining citizenship for refugees once asylum has been granted involves the same procedures as other immigrants.

All immigrants who wish to become citizens must fill out an application through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. After approval of application, the immigrant will be given an appointment for an interview with a USCIS representative. The interviewer will question applicant to determine their background history as well as ability to speak English. For an immigrant to prosper they must be able to speak English. After the interview process the immigrant will be given a test to evaluate their ability to understand English and American civics. Passing the test means an applicant has been approved for citizenship the immigrant can take the oath of allegiance and is eligible for the full benefits of citizenship. Becoming an American gives the immigrant and refugee their voice back as well as an improved quality of life.

Gaining citizenship for immigrants or refugees can be a vital endeavor. The regulations placed on immigration can be difficult to understand especially if English is a second language. A Florida immigration lawyer can assist the immigrant with the necessary steps. Whether a person is seeking asylum or simply applying for citizenship an individual will need guidance. A Florida immigration lawyer specializes in guiding potential citizens through the processes and courts. Going through the steps to citizenship can be arduous without the assistance of a Florida immigration lawyer.