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Immigrating to Delaware

The United States was built by the influx of immigrants. Over hundreds of years the population of America has grown exponentially and continues to grow. The culture and diversity of the US population has contributed to the unique principles the nation was built on. Original settlers came to America in search of a dream they couldn’t realize in their countries of origin. Freedom and an abundance of resources have continuously drawn people to the nation. Promises of equality and economic freedom compel people the world over to travel and live in the US.

Even though some economic disparity exists, America remains one of the wealthiest nations on the planet. The ability to improve their way of life draws millions of immigrants to flee their native countries and live in the US often leaving family and friends behind. The need for personal and economic freedom is so great that some chose illegal means to stay in the country. Because the diversity of its people is the crowning glory for the United States, immigrants are encouraged to become naturalized citizens. With deportation a possibility one wonders why, after so much time and energy has been expended, one would risk being forcibly removed. The benefits of citizenship far outweigh the possibility of deportation.

The US allows 700,000 people annually the privilege of citizenship. Every country requires those seeking permanent residency to go through a process which decides sincerity and worthiness. The esteem of a nation is determined by its citizens. In the US, the pathway to citizenship starts with established residency by first attaining working or student visas. When residency of two and half years has been established an immigrant can apply for citizenship by filling out an application through the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. An interview with the USCIS must then be conducted to gauge knowledge of the English language and to collect personal information. After the initial interview, an applicant will be asked to take an assessment test. The test will measure ability to speak English and a basic knowledge of America civics. Once the applicant has passed the assessment test they can then swear their allegiance their new country and obtain a social security card.

Becoming a fully recognized citizen of the US fills many immigrants with pride, the same pride felt by natural born citizens. The new citizen can then participate in the many benefits guaranteed to them by the constitution. Belonging to this great nation after so many endeavors also makes bringing the rest of their families easier.

The desire to participate in the social experiment that is America drives many immigrants to the US and a Delaware immigration lawyer can help you stay. There is risk of losing that dream without the proper assistance. Hiring a Delaware immigration lawyer will assure you the proper representation in court. Navigating the immigration process alone may discourage many who wish to become legal citizens. The employ of a Delaware immigration lawyer will give the immigrant the courage they need to live their dream.