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Immigrating to California

Quality of life is important for everyone on this planet. Americans have a privileged life that is highly desired by people throughout the world. Most Americans are aware of the advantages given to them through birthright as citizens.Countless individuals from various nations come to the US seeking the economic and social freedoms enjoyed by US residents. Becoming naturalized residents of the US, is a dream pursued by hundreds of thousands immigrants every year. Some immigrants are here legally, however many come illegally.

People who come to America illegally are at risk for deportation. All non-legal residents are required to carry a green card which allows a person the privilege of working or studying in America. Possession of a green card allows individuals to work and travel in and out of the country. On average, there are 1.5 million illegal immigrants in the US every year with andhundreds of thousands arriving annually. The Immigration Act of 1990 limits the amount of newly sworn citizens to 700,000 per year. The presence of illegal immigrants in the US is a major source of contention for politicians and citizens becausethey use social services without contributing monetarily through taxes.

Because citizenship has numerous benefits the process of immigration is well worth the time and energy expended. Once residency for a minimum of five years has been established an immigrant can apply for citizenship.Step one in the process is filling out an application. Once the application has been approved an assessment interview is granted with a representative from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The purpose of the interview is to evaluate the applicant’s background and ability to speak English. Knowledge of English is paramount to assimilation into American society. All applicants, after the interview has been conducted, must then take a written and verbal test. The test is intended to gauge the applicant’s knowledge of American civics, knowledge of culture and history, as well as basic English speaking skills. Many communities provide classes for immigrants to assist them in learning what is necessary in order to pass the test.

When surveyed 80% of immigrants who have been naturalized say, if they had to, they would go through the naturalization process again.Since 9/11, the government has become stricter in its enforcement of immigration laws. Because of this, it is imperative that individuals who are the country illegally should take the necessary steps to become recognized as a citizen.

The rate of illegal immigrants has declined over the past few years. However, the state of California has the largest concentration ofillegal immigrants averaging about 2.6 million. Any immigrant illegal or otherwise, who wishes to become a citizen, should seek the counsel of a California immigration lawyer. Immigrants who risk deportation should consider becoming naturalized and for those who need assistance with the process should hire a California Immigration lawyer. Because the process of gaining citizenship can be difficult, there are people who can help. Contact a California Immigration lawyer to guide you through the naturalization process.