Federal Court Rules Against Trump’s Travel Ban

The sloppy roll-out of Trump’s immigration ban caused global confusion

Nashville, TN- On Thursday, a federal appeal court dealt a blow to President Trump, putting the new Administration’s signature policy- the Muslim ban- on hold. The decision for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit means visa and green card holders from the seven […]

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H1B Visa Bill Revised, Minimum Wage for Holders Now over Twice what it Was

It has not even been a couple of weeks since Donald Trump has come into office and he has already shown tremendous drive and purpose by acting quickly and passing executive orders with the best interest of America and Americans in mind. This is not something America is used to since the previous president was political correct and political correctness is anti-American.


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Immigration Attorneys Heed Warning to Immigrants – Do Not Travel Overseas

Political correctness is a powerful force. It is worse than brain cancer. Political correctness has compelled millions of Americans and Europeans to put their safety in jeopardy and to distance themselves from common sense. How many more innocent people need to die before the liberals of America realize that there is a problem in Muslim centered countries and these people do not care about America’s principles?


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If You’re in the U.S. But Not a Citizen, Stay Put

That message was implied in an article shared on Huffington Post and it is safe to say many are concerned as to what it really means. According to immigration attorneys, if you haven’t received documentation stating you are a permanent and legal resident, you aren’t going to want to travel anywhere outside of the U.S. […]

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An Inside Look at Jeff Sessions’ Views on Immigration Policies

Sen. Jeff Sessions has been one of the most vocal and strong opponents of immigration policy reform in Congress. And now we have the leader in place to allow him to go to work for the goodwill of the American populace.


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