In Last Few Days as President, Obama Changes ‘Wet Foot, Dry Foot’ Policy on Cuban Immigration

All because Cubans mainly vote Republican. America cannot wait until this petty President leaves office. This was a pointless decision by America’s most elementary President ever. Cubans mainly vote Republican because they know the dangers of big government and Obama’s rule for 8 years exemplifies this.


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Obama Administration Ends Cuban Wet Foot, Dry Foot Immigration Policy

Birmingham, AL- In a surprising move, the Obama Administration announced this week they would end an immigration policy that benefits Cuban immigrants. On Thursday, President Obama announced he was ending the wet foot, dry foot policy that gave Cuban immigrants residency the moment they step onto American soil.
The wet foot, dry foot policy has been […]

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Georgia Lawmakers Propose to Introduce Stricter Immigration Bills in New Session

It is about time. America has enough unskilled laborers, does not need any more people in this country who cannot speak English, and most Americans are tired of seeing their tax dollars support people who are not even American and bring nothing to the table.

Donald Trump’s overwhelming victory in the presidential elections has motivated Republican state lawmakers in Georgia to go ahead full steam with immigration bills that are basically just common sense.


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Will the Deportation of Migrant Workers Raise Our Agriculture Costs?

The new year has arrived, Donald Trump has been elected as the U.S. president, and we are now awaiting the day for him step in the shoes of the leader of our country to determine what changes are going to come into effect. We have heard time and time again that Trump plans to send […]

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When Immigration is at the Door

Immigration lawyer in Alexandria, Virginia discusses an immigrant’s rights when agents show up at their house.

Alexandria, VA- There are millions of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S., and some may one day have immigration agents knocking on their door. Even if they are undocumented, immigrants have rights. In this article, USAttorneys will discuss the […]

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