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Immigrating to Alabama

People from nations the world over wish to immigrate to the US. They are in search of a change in their lives, looking for better economic and social opportunities. Some who wish to immigrate are seeking political asylum from poverty, political and social injustices they may encounter in their native countries. Since 1965, when the immigration policies of the United States became more liberal, the amount of legal immigrations has quadrupled. The United States has accepted more immigrants than all other countries combined since 2006. Countries with the most immigrating individuals are Mexico, India and the Philippines.

The inflow of new inhabitants to the US raises a number of political issues among naturalized citizens. Since 9/11 the amount of people who seek tougher regulations for new immigrates has risen 20%. The major contention of allowing new immigrationis the belief that new workers take jobs from the citizens. Non-naturalized citizens strain social services without contributing monetarily. This is, however, a misconception. According the Cato Institute, the gross national product will increase 180 billion dollars over the next ten years due to the legalization of low-skilled illegal workers. Allowing these workers citizenship would benefit the economy by collecting taxes on earned wages. The Kauffman Institute estimates that the entrepreneurial activities of immigrants are 40% higher than naturalized citizens.

Becoming a naturalized citizen has stringent requirements. A person pursing citizenship must first apply for an immigration visa. A person seeking citizenship must establish a continuous presence in the US for at least 2 and half years which is half the time it takes to become naturalized. There are a number of steps an individual must follow.

The first step to citizenship is filling out the US citizenship application. After the application is approved the potential immigrant must also have an interview with a USCIS agent to determine background information of applicant. Every person who wishes to become a citizen must also take anEnglish and civics test to determine eligibility.

Citizenship to the US allows access to the many freedoms Americans have in this great land. There are numerous places across the country that the immigrants can relocate, while many settle in the larger US cities many choose to live in the southeast. The state of Alabama has seen an increase in foreign born population. Between 1990 and 2000, the state of Alabama saw an increase in their foreign born population of 100%.

The process of immigration is complicated. Although there are many informative resources available, individuals will need the assistance of an Alabama immigration attorney to navigate the process. Understanding the laws is difficult for native English speakers but is even more problematic if you speak a language other than English. With the help of an Alabama immigration lawyer, interpreting the immigration laws is no longer a complicated process. When trying to gain citizenship for yourself or a family member, hiring an Alabamaimmigration lawyer is essential to obtain citizenship so you can begin to realize your dreams of a better future.